Office Structures

Office structures taking place in construction site mobilization and buildings built by various institution and establishments which are usually permanent are in this category. Number of staff and buildings’s lifetime are the most important criterias for determining the needs in the project design process of prefabricated office buildings.

Educational Buildings

Parallel to the development and the increase of awareness regarding light steel technology, there is an apparent increase in the buildings constructed with this system. Prefabricated education structures are one of the best examples of this. These buildings are definitely permanent structures and detailed as such.

Health Facilities

We have successfully performed numerous health care center, hospital, family health center, outpatient clinic and such like projects until today

Light Steel Building Systems

Light steel construction technology is a production system where building elements are produced from galvanized steel with cold forming process. The building details whose structurel design is realized are conveyed to the machine and formed on the specially designed Hekim Structure Robot lines. Human errors are minimized by means of prefabrications realized in factory environment and on robot lines.


Containers, pretty much one of the symbols of the construction sector, are used to provide for various needs because of their features of fast assembly, floor framed structure and multiple use. Leading the way are construction site mobilizations. Office, dining hall, dormitory, WC-shower containers needed in setting up a construction site are some of the examples.

Prefabricated Building Systems

Prefabricated light constructions are mounted on the ready-prepared concrete floor. The greatest advantage of prefabricated buildings is being earthquake-resistant and light as they are steel constructions. The short manufacturing period, providing fast mounting and having the feature to dismount and mount over and over again increase the reasons of preference for these prefabricated structures.